Kodi n'est pas supposé fonctionner sur Roku. Tuto permettant d'installer Kodi sur Roku sur sa smartTV en étant protégé par son VPN.

16/01/2020 25/11/2017 Kodi n’est pas disponible dans Roku, mais il peut être disponible en utilisant un écran miroir. Voir notre guide complet sur la façon d’installer Kodi sur Roku. Étape 1: Kodi doit être installé sur votre Smartphone. Étape 2: Connectez votre Smartphone et votre appareil Roku au même réseau sans fil There is no doubt that Roku is a versatile device. But it doesn’t support or install Kodi app on its device. Kodi’s third party adds ons are unofficial and illegal to install is the main reason behind this. Thus Roku has banned Kodi’s installation in its device. Although Roku is very versatile, it does not support or get Kodi to get installed on its device. The reason is that Kodi is a 3rd party add on and its an unofficial one that is illegal to install. So, Roku has secured Kodi from its streaming device. But don’t panic, there are ways like using screen mirroring to install Kodi on Roku… 02/07/2019 10/09/2018

10 Jan 2018 For right now, the only option for using Kodi on Roku is screen mirroring. Conclusion. There isn't an official way to install Kodi on Roku but, 

28/03/2020 Installing Kodi on Roku So you now know that we can’t actually install Kodi onto Roku but we can still cast Kodi onto Roku using their screen mirroring option that’s available. The only requirement you would really need is another device where you can install Kodi and then mirror onto Roku.

Support for Android, Chromecast, DLNA Devices (like Smart TV's), iOS, XBMC, Roku, Windows Phone, and Windows 7/8/RT. Energize your collection with 

02/07/2019 03/01/2019 Install Kodi on Roku via Windows PC If you have a Windows Laptop/PC, mirroring your Windows Kodi screen to your Roku device will be very easy from here on. To cast Kodi from your Windows PC to Roku device, here is what you need to do: Open your PC and click on Start Menu 19/02/2019